Children's Service

The Children’s Education Division (CED) was established in 1982 and was designed to provide age appropriate career/college readiness programs to youth from elementary through high school. Over the years the center has gained unique insight to the plight of youth and has built a firm foundation through education and interactive activities. With a focus on career pathways, the program uses a comprehensive social model that incorporates life lessons, interactive learning, and focus group discussions to reduce risk behaviors and promote a sense of purpose.

Our programs are specifically designed to create safer schools and communities. Since 1982, CJC has been at the forefront of community and social advocacy for children and their parents. Through its many community collaborations, it has pioneered programs in tri-county school districts and community centers, and has become a recognized name in providing quality service. With a consultant base of 92 highly qualified individuals, CJC possesses the expertise and capacity to deliver a wide range of services.


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