What type of services do you provide?2021-08-17T13:15:01-04:00

Our services include:

  • Housing solutions for homeless and at-risk of homeless adults and children
  • Family matters and domestic violence
  • HIV and AIDS victim advocacy
  • Petitions for Personal Protection Orders (PPO), Divorce, Custody
  • Elder law and elder abuse issues for those 60 and older
  • Children’s & Education services
What are the charges for your services?2021-06-13T00:14:13-04:00

There is no charge if you qualify for one of our grant funded programs.

Why do you need to know my income?2021-06-13T00:15:03-04:00

Each of our funders have established an eligibility criteria, which may vary from program to program. Income limits have been established by each funding source.

What are your office hours?2021-06-13T00:15:50-04:00

Our general office hours are Monday – Friday, from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. However, our Woodward office make appointments as needed for the Housing programs.

Do you offer assistance to Homeowners?2021-06-13T00:16:45-04:00

Yes, limited utility assistance may be available if the homeowner is at-risk of homelessness due to lack of utilities. We also offer help for homeowners who are at risk of foreclosure due to delinquent mortgage and/or property tax payments. Presently, we offer foreclosure prevention counseling, and as a grantee with the Michigan State Housing Development Authority, we offer assistance with applying for financial assistance through the Step Forward Michigan Program.

What documents will I need to bring in order to receive services?2021-06-13T00:18:19-04:00

Each program or service has its own set of required documents. Staff will provide client with a list of documents needed based on program requirements.

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