NLSM Offers A Wide Variety of Legal Services To Our Clients.


Administrative advocacy for individuals who are in need of representation to secure Social Security benefits and VA benefits, including federal appeals and Veteran’s Administration benefits, including federal appeals.

HIV/AIDS Victim Advocacy

Legal services in the areas of law (Social Security and Medicaid), breach of confidentiality, probate for person(s) who are living with HIV/AIDS

Victim of Crime Advocacy

Financial assistance (lock replacement, window/door replacement, limited utility assistance, security deposits); aid with completing compensation claims and filing of personal protection orders; civil legal assistance; criminal justice support; information and referral for families; and follow-up and safety communications

Domestic Violence Clinic

Assists survivors of domestic violence and human traficking in obtaining necessary documents to prevent the continued cycle of abuse. Services may include:

  • Completion and filing of legal documents
  • Petitions for Personal Protection Orders (PPO), Divorce, Custody
  • Arrange for the abuser to be served with the order
  • Representation in limited cases

While there is no fee for this service, there may be a fee to have your documents served or case filed. Please plan to expect to pay when you arrive to the NLSM office. Moreover, we ask all clients to please bring the address and other identifying information (social security number, driver’s license, vehicle tag number, photos, etc) of the abuser upon arriving to the office as well as police reports.