Since 1966, NLSM has had a successful history of working with those who could not afford legal services and over 20 years working with those who are homeless and/or at risk of homelessness. Additionally, we provide financial assistance, housing relocation and stabilization services to those who are determined to be literally homeless or victims of violence with Rapid Rehousing funding from the City of Detroit or U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. Our program components include: Short and medium term rental assistance; security deposits; utility deposits/payments; moving costs; case management; outreach; housing search/inspection; legal services; credit repair; and financial literacy.

Children’s Education Division (CED)

The Children’s Education Division (CED) specializes in piloting innovative justice initiatives, educational programming for parents and youth, and other supportive services targeting youth.

Elder Law

The Elder Law & Advocacy Center (ELAC) has been operating in Wayne County for over 25 years. It was organized to provide unique educational opportunities and legal services for older adults and their caregivers. Since its founding ELAC has assisted thousands of clients and caregivers each year.